The below information will provide you with an introduction to living at the complex and cover the most common questions management are asked about the building.

Need help

Building management are on-site regularly and available 24/7 for building emergencies. Your Building Manager is Michael Musumeci. For all non-urgent matters residents are requested to log their enquiry via either email or ‘Building Link’ so that a record of their request can be maintained. ‘Building Link’ can be accessed via the following link using the login and password provided once residents have registered their information with management.
For emergencies please contact 02 7208 8846.

Moving-in & Delivery of Large Items

Residents moving-in or having large items delivered are requested to book their move with building management at least 48 hours prior to the move so that it can be co-ordinated with other residents. Please see the moving instructions available in the ‘Forms & Procedures’ section of this website. A $200 moving bond must be paid and Building Management will provide you with a lift lock off key and arrange for the lift covers to be installed. An inspection will be carried out after you have finished the move and assuming the moving instructions have been adhered to your bond will be refunded.

Residents are reminded that items are not to be moved via the main entrance lobby and must go through the car park level.

Electricity & Gas (not available)

Unfortunately Carillon does not have gas connected to resident apartments. All cooking, heating and hot water is supplied electrically.

Residents will need to contact an electricity service provider on moving into the building  to set up an account for their electricity supply.

Generally the utility provider will have a record of your meter number and may visit site to conduct a meter reading. If you need to provide this information yourself electricity meters are located on every second level (levels 2/4/6/8/10/12/14). Given each level is secured your electronic security fob will also allow access to the level your meter is on.

If you experience a loss of electricity to your apartment the circuit breaker in your apartment may have tripped. Your apartment switchboard is located in the same location as your electricity meter. You will need to access the switchboard to re-set your circuit breaker.

Connecting your telephone & internet

Residents will need to contact a service provider to set up an account for internet & telephone services. The service provider may need access to the Main Distribution Frame (MDF), which is located on the basement level in the first cupboard to your right as you exit the lifts. Most telecommunication service technicians will have access to this door using an NMB key which is a general telecommunications cupboard key. If they do not have access to this cupboard please contact Building Management.

Visitors parking

There are spots allocated for visitor parking  only in the car park off the main foyer. Residents are not permitted to park in these spots and action will be taken against offenders. If bona fide visitors require parking longer than 24 hours they will need to advise Building Management. To access the visitors parking area drive to the boom gate and call the apartment you are visiting via the intercom system.

Please do not park on the drive way, the round-about area or next to the grass area under any circumstances.

Resident Car Park

Residents must park in and with-in their designated car space. For spaces 1-45 your car space corresponds with your apartment number. Certain apartments have an additional car space which will be numbered greater than 45, these are allocated spaces and you must park in the space allocated to you.

Car Wash Bay

Residents are permitted to wash their cars in the visitors parking area next to the clothes line. There is a hose and power point available that residents can use, please retract the hose and keep the area tidy after use.

Water & Hot Water

The cost of water is paid for by your strata levies and an access charge that will be billed to you by Sydney Water; you should confirm that Sydney Water has your correct contact details.

Each apartment has their own individual electric hot water system located in a cupboard in the apartment. Residents are responsible for all maintenance and other costs associated with this heater.

Individual stop valves to turn on/off the hot and cold water to your apartment can generally be found at the hot water heater, and under the kitchen, laundry & bathroom sink/basin.


The pool is located on the south side of the complex, no keys are required to access the pool area.

There is a cold outdoor shower available for use within the pool area and a toilet available for pool users at the end of the visitors parking area next to the path that leads to the pool, your garbage room key will open this door. Residents are also permitted to store pool chairs inside the pool equipment shed. Please contact management to obtain a copy of this key.

Residents are reminded to keep noise to a minimum when using the pool and that glass and smoking are not permitted in the pool area.

Clothes Line

The drying of clothes on balconies is not permitted. There is a clothes line available for residents to use at the end of the visitors parking area.

Recycling & Waste Disposal

There is a large recycling and waste disposal area located to the right of the driveway entrance off Marshall Street. You will need a key to access this area which can be obtained from Building Management (refer to the request form under the forms and procedures tab). In this room you will find large general garbage bins, glass/PET and cardboard/paper recycling bins. Residents are requested to always put items in the bins and not to leave items on the floor, please cut up large boxes if necessary.

There are small general garbage bins on each apartment level inside a cupboard which is opposite your front door. You can use these bins for disposing of small items only, please ensure the items are appropriately wrapped in plastic bags or similar. These bins will be cleared by the cleaners twice per week, Monday & Friday’s.

Intercom System

Visitors can contact apartments using the buildings intercom system available at the main entrance and at the visitors parking boom gate. If you are contacted on the intercom system press the key to open the entrance door, visitors then have a short amount of time to enter the lift and catch the lift to your level.

For further operating instructions, please refer to the Intercom System Manual.

Fire Alarm & Fire Stairs

If the buildings fire alarm goes off please exit the building and proceed down the fire stairs to the grass area at the front of the building, the Fire Brigade or Building Management will then provide instruction on when you can re-enter the building.

The buildings fire stairs are locked and can only be exited on the ground level once entered. Residents are provided a key which will allow them to open the fire stair door on their level only in case the lifts are not working.

Fire Stairs Access

As a resident of the building, you should have a key which will access your particular floor from the inside of the fire stairs. This is in case of emergencies, such as blackouts or lift malfunctions. If you do not have a key, you can obtain one by contacting the Building Manager.


The building is Foxtel ready and residents wanting to use Foxtel’s services should contact them directly to arrange their connection.


Unfortunately pets are not permitted at Carillon Apartments.

New access cards

If you require an additional or have lost your access card please complete the access card request form available in the forms section of this website.